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BPO logistics

Logistics companies deal with managing and executing supply chain operations, so it makes sense to use business process outsourcing services. BPO logistics services by providing cost- efficient, precise and on time business processing solutions allow their clientele to fully optimize, thrive and grow.

How it works

24/7 Support

We provide timely coordination and instant communication so you can concentrate on your competence without submersing in routine clutter. We provide 24/7 instant feedback, that assists the ongoing chain of work from freight brokers up to the drivers. Proper management of message coordination and routing them to relevant parties, bookings and appointments, as well as the dispatching of urgent messages and calls.

Order Processing & Confirmation

Revotech’s trained and qualified personnel to assist companies to sort out their order processing and order confirmation. Company would assist you in issuing bills and managing calls, to have a trackable movement of services along the way.

A Steady Communication Between Staff And Clients

Fair and transparent communication with the clientele enables us to achieve beforementioned goals. Step by step procedures, initiated by request and filing of the documentation up to negotiations and supporting and training of the clients – is communicated and coordinated along the entire chain of clients and our staff. Through work is undertaken to ensure smooth and flawless business experience.


Revotech offers truck dispatch services to assist owner-operators to ensure all the back- office aspects are fulfilled properly.

Track and Trace

We provide track and trace services to determine the current and the past locations and status of your goods and deliverables at all the stages of the transportation journey.

Safety and Fleet Management

We will manage the fleet life cycle of your company. Assist you in calculating your total fleet costs, help to diagnose the risk issues facing your fleet.


Revotech provides you with an opportunity to work with trained, skilled and versatile sales team, without hassle of recruiting, training and retaining your own sales team.

Call Center

Once you hire our call centers, we would make sure you have service, which would provide enhanced customer experience, efficient workflows and proven customer retention rates.

While we provide you with back office operations

You can focus on your expertise

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