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BPO logistics

Since the nature of logistics companies is one that deals with managing and executing supply chain operations, it makes sense for them to use business process outsourcing services. BPO logistics services should include providing the client with cost-efficient, precise, and on-time business processing solutions. This allows the company to fully optimise, thrive, and grow.

How it works

24/7 Support

In large businesses, timely coordination, and communication is the key to achieving business goals, and no one understands it better than us. Therefore, we provide an excellent 24/7 service that assists the ongoing chain of communication between the freight brokers to the drivers. We manage the coordination of messages, routing them to the relevant parties, the bookings, and the appointments, as well as the dispatching of urgent messages and calls.

Order Processing & Confirmation

Revotech prides itself in having a highly trained and qualified personnel that has at its disposal the core marketing strategies related to order processing and order confirmation. Besides this, they also issue bills and manage calls, so as to have a trackable movement of services along the way.

A Steady Communication Between Staff And Clients

Our highly trained staff achieves the aforementioned goals by keeping a fair and transparent communication with the clients. Every little step – from documentation, to negotiations, to support and training of the clients – is communicated and coordinated along the entire chain of clients and our staff. All of these factors help us bring you a smooth and flawless business experience. Yeah, it really is this simple.


Revotech offers truck dispatch service to aid owner-operators manage many of the back-office aspects of running their trucking company.

Track and Trace

We do tracking and tracing to determinie the current and past locations of your properties as well as some other vital information.

Safety and Fleet Management

Using a proven management system, we aim to continually support organizations’ fleet safety strategy, transport operations, policies and procedures.


Revotech provides you with an opportunity to work with a strong sales team that's already in place, and to remove the headache of recruiting, training and retaining your own sales force.

Call Center

Take advantage of our dynamic customer communication solution that guarantees enhanced customer experience, more efficient workflows, and improved customer retention rates.

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