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IT and Software Development

Delegating software development to outsource provider might be the best decision for you when you need both cutting costs and getting the job done by experts. This way you would easily provide business growth and afford digital transformation initiatives without extending your internal human resources and concentrating in developing the core of your business.

Revotech is one stop solution for all your IT consulting and software development needs. Within our professional history we have helped the number of non-IT companies to improve their business, attract and retain new customers.

Software Development

We will provide the access to the top software development team and diagnose and fill any skill gaps in your IT department, we will get you on the road to your digital acceleration for years to come.

Mobile App Development

Our company provides you with mobile app development as well, so you can easily reduce project costs and enhance your product attractiveness and accessibility.


Professionalism and skills of our server -side development team enables us to take over and handle high-load, technically -complex projects at any stage, starting from consultation and assessment to cloud migration of existing software.


With our skilled IT personnel your sites would come up correctly in various browsers (cross-browser), within different operating systems (cross-platform) and different devices (cross-device).

While we provide you with back office operations

You can focus on your expertise

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